Monthly Archive: December, 2013

Shasta, California

I skirted San Francisco and decided to head right to the Redwoods from there, making time by driving the I-5. Overnighting off the highway, I then crossed the gorgeous wooded Klamath Mountains of… Continue reading

Mount Madonna County Park

Driving back inland late in the day over the mountains and through the yellow-leafed trees was rejuvenating, the crisp fall air and late afternoon sunlight streaming through the trees a reminder of the… Continue reading


Driving north again on Route 1 on a cloudy day, I passed the Moss Landing State Wildlife Area, a marshy refuge for a plethora of birds… and OTTERS!!! From afar I watched these… Continue reading

California’s Central Coast

After spending a day in Monterey, I drove down the coast on Route 1, stopping at beaches and overlooks along the way. I decided I needed to keep moving at the end of… Continue reading

Monterey Bay

Monterey is stunningly gorgeous: the bay an impossible blend of sapphire and turquoise waters, the shoreline lined with smoothed rock and pine, the sky a vivid azure. I spent a day walking the… Continue reading

Mission San Miguel Archangel

Before I returned to Rhode Island I had been in California for another two weeks past what I’ve already posted. After leaving Morro Bay, the next thing I came upon was the Mission… Continue reading

Part Two

This trip was always a finite thing. I had estimated (okay, extensively budgeted) that I could travel for just under six months before moving and finding a new job. The biggest reason for… Continue reading