Monthly Archive: July, 2014

Wandering Around Cave Run Lake, Kentucky

The next day I had planned on doing some hikes in the Cave Run Lake area of the Daniel Boone National Forest but, as frequently happens when I attempt to plan activities, I… Continue reading

Whitlteton Branch Trail, Daniel Boone National Forest and the Nada Tunnel

After lunch I ventured over to another trailhead at the edge of the park. Technically within the national forest, the Whittleton Branch Trail is a section of the Sheltowee Trace which meant it… Continue reading

Natural Bridge State Park, Kentucky

Also located in the Red River Gorge is Natural Bridge State Park, home to one of the largest and widest natural arches in eastern Kentucky. I absolutely loved hiking here. I started on… Continue reading

Auxier Ridge Loop Trail and Double Arch, Daniel Boone National Forest

After the thunderstorms of the previous day blew over I headed back into the Daniel Boone National Forest to hike the Auxier Ridge Loop, which connects the 2.1 mile ridge walk with the… Continue reading

Keeneland Racetrack. (Or, This One’s For You, Mancini)

The next few trails I wanted to hike were in the Red River Gorge of the Daniel Boone National Forest, upstate of the Big South Fork Recreation Area. I had driven north and… Continue reading

Yahoo Arch, Big South Fork Recreation Area, Kentucky

After following the Yahoo Falls Trail Loop back I took the spur trail out a couple miles to Yahoo Arch, a thick, wide arch that feels more like a cave when you walk… Continue reading

Yahoo Falls, Big South Fork Recreation Area, Kentucky

Yahoo Falls was a hike that seemed to come up on every recommendation list and was mentioned by both rangers and tourists alike so it was definitely a hike I wanted to do.… Continue reading

Split Bow Arch, Big South Fork Recreation Area, Kentucky

I like to be surprised. For example, I don’t often seek out images when I’m looking up trail descriptions, relying on the general consensus of the reviewers (or advice of the rangers or… Continue reading

O&W Rail Bridge Hike and Some River Views in the Big South Fork Recreation Area, Tennessee

After the previous day’s hike in Big South Fork I decided to dip just south of the Kentucky border into Tennessee to get a better view of the Big South Fork River and… Continue reading

Natural Arch Trail, Big South Fork National Recreation Area

There are hundreds of naturally occurring arches in the Pennsylvanian sandstone of eastern part of Kentucky formed when layers of sand deposited from the ancient inland sea were compacted. This sandstone was next… Continue reading