Monthly Archive: August, 2014

The Black Dirt Region, Orange County, New York

When Tina suggested we visit the farms near where I grew up in order to take photos of barns I was incredibly excited. I love farmland and old barns in general but I… Continue reading

Bear Mountain State Park, New York

Bear Mountain State Park is very close to where I grew up and though I can’t say that we often visited the state park, the mountain has a lot of memories for me… Continue reading

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia

I believe my prediction for this post breaking the record of having the most photos will hold true. If you didn’t catch the last post, my sister is a photographer and so between… Continue reading

Philadelphia Zoo

I’m pretty sure I’m about to set a record on this blog for the post with the most photos. I’m also pretty sure I will break the new record when I write the… Continue reading

Fourth of July Party and Family Fun

Every year my sister and her family hosts a Fourth of July party, complete with a substantial fireworks show. Because of the large amount of fireworks this year they decided to co-host the… Continue reading

Visiting my Sister and Rafting on the Delaware River

After visiting friends Jen and Michael I drove to northern New Jersey to visit my sister, Tina. My mother and her father were married for about a decade while we were growing up… Continue reading

Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore

After leaving my friends in North Carolina I made my way north to visit the next two people on my list, the aforementioned Jen in Philadelphia who I used to swim with, and… Continue reading

Beach Week with Friends in Oak Island, North Carolina

Every year my friends that I swam with try to meet up and this year was no exception. Unfortunately, with all of us living in different states and having busy lives (though I’m… Continue reading

Airlie Gardens and the Bottle Chapel, Wilmington, North Carolina

Before leaving the next day to meet my friends, I made one last stop at Airlie Gardens. I’m not a formal garden person (though I do love vegetable gardens and also really like… Continue reading

Kure Beach and Coquina Outcroppings, North Carolina

My last stop before meeting my friends in Oak Island was the Wilmington area. I had heard about some interesting things to do in the area and thought I might have been interested… Continue reading