Monthly Archive: August, 2014

Poinsett State Park, South Carolina

After my hike in hot, humid Congaree National Park I had a strong desire to immerse myself in water. I consulted my atlas and headed to nearby Poinsett State Park which had a… Continue reading

Congaree National Park, South Carolina. Or, It Turns Out That the National Park Service Has a Sense of Humor

I intended to stop by Congaree only for the day and do some of the short trails around the visitor center before continuing east. What I knew I was really interested in doing… Continue reading

Museum of the Cherokee Indian

I was so intrigued by the Native Peoples exhibit at the McClung Museum that I incorporated a stop at the Museum of the Cherokee Indian on my journey to the coast. Because my… Continue reading

Driving in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina: Lake Junaluska and Oconaluftee Islands Park

After seeing such a great exhibit at the McClung Museum on the Native Peoples of Tennessee, I had a desire to explore the history and cultures of the people who lived in this… Continue reading

McClung Museum, Knoxville, Tennessee

When I was in the Big South Fork Recreation Area in Tennessee there were some bad storms forecasted so I had looked up some alternative activities and found the McClung Museum, a free… Continue reading

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, Part 4: Sand Cave and White Rocks

One of the things I loved about Cumberland Gap National Park was that once you got away from a handful of places, the park was relatively empty. Even Sand Cave and White Rocks,… Continue reading

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, Part 3: Gap Cave

I will learn to use my camera to properly take pictures in low light. I promise it’ll happen someday, really. But unfortunately this is yet another cave I’ve been in where I can’t… Continue reading

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, Part 2: Hensley Settlement

I really loved Cumberland Gap National Park: the views were stunning, the hikes were scenic, the trails were empty, and the caves were great, but if I had to pick only one thing… Continue reading

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, Part 1: Pinnacle Mountain and Hiking the Object Lesson Road to Tri-State Peak

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park is a lesser-known holding of the park service that features the pass in the Appalachian Mountain chain used by Native Americans, migrating buffalo and deer, Civil War soldiers,… Continue reading

Swimming in Lake Laurel River

With plans to meet friends in two weeks on the North Carolina coast I had to start doing a little planning since there were a few places I wanted to see between there… Continue reading