Monthly Archive: November, 2014

St. Martins Sea Caves, New Brunswick

The sea caves of St. Martins were one of the places recommended to me by the incredibly friendly people in the Saint Stephens visitor center. These shallow caves are being continually molded by… Continue reading

Covered Bridges in New Brunswick: Little Lepreau River, Tynemouth Creek, Irish River #1 and #2, and Sawmill Creek Covered Bridges

The province of New Brunswick has a lot of covered bridges – they even have a tour and print maps that have them all marked. As I made my way north along the… Continue reading

Traveling in Canada: Sights, Beaches, and Sunsets in New Brunswick

Navigating without the aid of Internet or GPS while in Canada resulted in mostly random wandering, which turned out to be a fantastic way of traveling the country. I had honed my aimless… Continue reading

New River Beach Provincial Park, New Brunswick

New River Beach was my first real stop in New Brunswick. I crossed the border early in the morning and, after obtaining a map and a guidebook at the information center in Saint… Continue reading

Coastal travels: Mid-Coast and Northern Maine

I came across many beautiful sites as I continued my wandering up the coast of Maine. Salt marshes, rocky coasts, conifer forest, deep blue bays, smoothed-rock beaches, and charming waterfronts were around every… Continue reading

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, Maine

The West Quoddy Lighthouse is the easternmost lighthouse in the U.S. and the peninsula its located on also happens to be the easternmost point in the United States, jutting out into the Quoddy… Continue reading

St. Croix Island International Historical Site, Maine

The St. Croix International Historical Site celebrates one of the earliest colonization attempts by the French in North America. In 1604, a small group of French explorers landed on St. Croix Island, which… Continue reading