Monthly Archive: June, 2015

Driving Through Utah and Colorado

On the trip east we chose the scenic route and Tom graciously volunteered to drive during those stretches when I would want to enjoy the view. We made numerous stops at overlooks but… Continue reading

Red Cliffs Conservation Area, Part 4: White Reef and a Canyon Exploration

On our last hike in southwest Utah before heading east we went back to the Red Cliffs and decided to walk along the ridge of the white sandstone reef in front of the… Continue reading

Lions Head and Duncan Springs Trails, Dixie National Forest

On recommendation from a friend we took the short drive out to see a collection of pictographs at the Lion’s Head in Dixie National Forest and while we were there, found a trail… Continue reading

Zion National Park, Part 5: Observation Point

Our previous hike to Yant Flat had been incredibly amazing but Observation Point is in another class. It easily makes my top five favorite hikes of all time. The trail is on the… Continue reading

Yant Flat, Dixie National Forest. And Llamas.

I had been amazed the previous day in Zion National Park, but the hike to Yant Flat was beyond fantastic, instantly becoming one of my favorite places ever. The trail begins about ten… Continue reading

Zion National Park, Part 4: Checkerboard Mesa and the Canyon Overlook Trail

This was my first time into the more popular areas of Zion National Park despite three previous hikes. I had been told it was beautiful and a must-see but the reason Tom had… Continue reading

Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, Part 2: Dinosaur Prints and Scaling the Dino Cliffs

On our first hike together at the Dinosaur Cliffs we had branched off from the trail to explore the cliffs from the top before wandering off into the desert reserve but this time… Continue reading

Fiddler’s Canyon, Utah

Our hike at Fiddler’s Canyon wasn’t into the canyon itself but rather a climb up one of the mountains that was actually an uplifted and titled section of crust that had been fractured… Continue reading

Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, Part 1: Dinosaur Cliffs

The Red Cliffs Desert Reserve is a section of the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area below the Cottonwood Canyon Wilderness where Tom and I had hiked before. For my first hike in the… Continue reading