Monthly Archive: December, 2015

Bryce Canyon National Park

It took awhile, but I finally got to Bryce. I had been eagerly looking forward to seeing the amphitheater full of hoodoos and spires when I began traveling in 2013, but my arrival… Continue reading

Skyline Trail, Fishlake National Forest. Or, One of the Most Amazing Hikes I’ve Ever Been On.

Prior to departing the morning of my hike I had scoped out a few possible places, but I was unable to ascertain if my car would be able to get to the trailheads… Continue reading

An Exploration Near Aspen Mirror Lake

Our hike in the vicinity of Aspen Mirror Lake was another random exploration-slash-quest-for-foliage but there were enough really pretty photos from this area to group together into single post. Plus, I can actually… Continue reading

On Being the Slowest Blogger in the World. Or, I Now Present You with Autumn Foliage.

You may have noticed that I’m a bit behind – posting photos of the beach in November and now the beginnings of autumn foliage in mid-December. I would be lying if I said… Continue reading

The Virgin River Rim Trail, Cascade Falls, and Strawberry Point

Though my hikes and visits to these three places were separate excursions, they are all within the same area and share similar features. In fact, if I had actually done any planning and… Continue reading

Yankee Meadows

Yankee Meadows is another place Tom had mentioned, an area with green meadows and streams that both feed and drain the blue waters of Yankee Reservoir. In the spring I’m told it is… Continue reading

The Twisted Forest and Oktoberfest at Brian Head

I had seen quite a few bristlecone pines since returning to Utah but there is an area on the north rim of Cedar Breaks named the Twisted Forest that was on my list… Continue reading

Ashdown Gorge via the Rattlesnake Trail

I have been SO excited to share this with you all. I go on a lot of amazing hikes and have been to a lot of amazing places, but this hike was absolutely,… Continue reading

Oh, There’s a Trail Here. Or, How I Found the Sidney Peaks Trail.

The Sidney Peaks Trail was something I stumbled across in my quest to hike in the mountains. I had been itching to explore the high mountain meadows around Brian Head Peak for the… Continue reading

More Mountain Meadows of the Fishlakes

I know it was just a couple posts ago that I first posted about my day trip to the Fishlake Mountains but what I didn’t say was that I loved them so much… Continue reading