Monthly Archive: December, 2015

Navajo Lake Loop Trail

The Navajo Lake Loop Trail is a 9 mile circumnavigation of the 3.5 mile long shallow lake, formed when ancient lava flows dammed runoff in the narrow valley. I should be more specific… Continue reading

A Day Trip to the Fishlake Mountains

In my quest to spend as much time in the mountains as possible before snow closed the roads, I suggested to Tom that we scout out the Fishlake National Forest to the north.… Continue reading

A Bit and a Piece: Upper Blowhard Trail Via Potato Hollow

I have a tradition of getting lost on trails. My friend Terry also seems to be prone to this. So even though our destination was a place that Terry was familiar with, we… Continue reading

Brian Head Peak and the Vermillion Castle Trail

Our visit to Brian Head Peak and the hike of the Vermillion Castle Trail were both done the same day as the Bristlecone Pine Trail and the visit to Cedar Breaks, but with… Continue reading

A Tour of the Cedar Mountains: Cedar Breaks National Monument and the Bristlecone Pine Trail

As I mentioned in my post about driving through the Rockies, big mountains make my heart sing. Now that we were back in Utah, I was ridiculously eager to go explore the local… Continue reading

Going to Look at an Arch in the Red Cliffs

The morning after we returned to Tom’s house we headed south to do some food shopping – much needed after our four months traveling. On our way we stopped for a mid-morning hike… Continue reading

Viewpoints and Walks on I-70 in Utah

West of Green River, Interstate 70 enters the San Rafael Swell, an upwelling or anticline that has faulted and been worn down through erosion. What remains is a fantastic collection of a mesas,… Continue reading

The Tropical Waterfalls of Colorado

Rifle Falls State Park features a unique triple waterfall that drops 70 feet to East Rifle Creek. The site is ridiculously scenic and was described as tropical in more than one trail review.… Continue reading

89 Travel Bloggers Share Their Favorite Natural Sites on Earth –

Source: 89 Travel Bloggers Share Their Favorite Natural Sites on Earth Today I had the honor of being included in a list of travel bloggers’ favorite places on earth compiled by Paige on her… Continue reading

Ahhhhh, Mountains

Evelyn’s birthday was the official bookend to our 4 month trip and so the day after her birthday party we left to head back to Utah. Our first night after leaving Kansas City… Continue reading