Glacier National Park (the Canadian One) and Mount Revelstoke National Park

After spending a few days in southern Banff and Kootenay we headed east to check out Glacier and Mount Revelstoke National Parks. I had not done any research at all about either of these parks so we stopped for a trail recommendation as well as a map at Rogers Pass. Again we were limited by trail closures due to bear activity but we ended up choosing an amazing hike on the Great Glacier Trail. The route begins in the Illecillewaet Valley and soon begins ascending through a temperate rainforest – definitely not what we expected when hiking in a glacial valley! Though in the forest, we had incredible views up the valley for most of the hike, particularly when the trail turned towards the river. After a couple miles the tree cover disappeared and we began crossing moraine as we continued hiking up into the bowl: From here the views went from incredible to mind-blowingly awesome as we were exposed to massive waterfalls tumbling hundreds of feet into the glacial cirque, draining the massive glaciers overhead. We also fantastic views down the valley to the mountain ranges beyond.





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Mount Revelstoke, west along the Trans-Canada Highway was very nearly as beautiful, but was a showcase of sub-arctic tundra rather than the rocky glacial valley that we had hiked the day before. After driving to the peak of the Meadows in the Sky Parkway we began walking the cluster of trails criss-crossing the wildflower-carpeted summit. I had thought we might hike the 12km trail to Miller and Eva Lakes but we were assaulted by mosquitos as soon as we had emerged from the car, making for some unpleasant walking since we had neglected to bring bug spray. Ultimately we decided to trade off and just tour the few kilometers near the highest sections, satisfied with the spectacular views of the mountains and the lush meadows punctuated by multi-colored flowers.





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