Visiting Tom’s Granddaughters in Southern California

We left Utah last week to begin our 3 ½ month RV trip with our first stop in southern California, where Tom’s daughter, son-in-law, and 2 granddaughter now live. We had visited them there in September – all except baby Emilia, who was born in October – but were eager to spend more time with them and to meet Miss Emilia. Because we had the RV with us, we camped at Bolsa Chica State Beach this time which worked out as a lovely place for all of us to spend time 2 of the days we were there. We also ate a couple dinners at the house together and went out to eat our last night there.

Baby Emilia is, of course, adorable. As a newborn she spends a great deal of time sleeping, but her big sister Evelyn certainly makes up for her in entertainment. Evelyn is really talking quite a lot now which is pretty great, and she’s even more helpful than ever. When we visited her last December she was – at 15 months – helping her mother unload the dishwasher and put away groceries in the refrigerator, but she’s since graduated to helping prepare her own food and remains ready to bring you anything you ask for. It’s a real testament to Amy and Brian’s parenting that I can ask their 2 year old where everything in the kitchen is that I need in order to set the table. In any case, she’s a ridiculously happy child and we both look forward to spending time with her, though that can be said of our visits with Amy and Brian (and now baby Emilia) too! We hope to get back there and see them all soon!