Return to the Land of Whipped Cream: More Exploring in Pine Park

Terry and I had hiked around the other-worldly formations at Pine Park last year, agreeing to return before we had even left. After we gushed about it to Tom he was eager to see them too. The area of bleached, compacted volcanic ash is completely unique, hosting some really incredible shapes of rock and canyons. Terry and I attempted to retrace our steps to show Tom the highlights but all together we ventured into some different areas as well.

The sky was a bit cloudier than Terry and I would have liked for our pictures; I think I actually got better shots the first time we went. If you haven’t read my previous post, I would encourage you to look at those pictures. But less-than-perfect photos certainly didn’t detract from our experience; all 4 of us enjoyed roaming around, exploring the playground of white rock.