Utah Treasures

This area had been on our list of places to explore for at least a year but it wasn’t until our friend Lori told us about how incredible it was that we finally committed to going. Out of respect for her wishes I won’t be sharing any location names or writing in too much detail about it but oh yes, there will be pictures. From geological wonders to wildlife to history, this place had it all. Rarely have I seen so many treasures in a single day. Plus this needs to stated up front: There was Abby graffiti on an abandoned building which adds bonus points. Abby declined to pose with me for a photo however:

Okay but anyway, in no particular order we saw: badlands, multi-colored cliffs, turkeys, (some of the best examples I’ve ever seen of) hexagonal fracturing of basalt, abandoned copper mines, sand patterns, erosion patterns, river beaches, pioneer sandstone ruins, wildflowers and cactus blooms, mid-century abandoned buildings, swirled rocks, petroglyphs, and rippling arid grasslands. In addition we got to watch the magnificent forces of nature move snow, hail, and rain storms around us all day: we were sure we’d get pelted but the pockets of dark clouds moving towards us from the south miraculously kept parting east and west. It was a pretty incredible day of exploring, hiking, and taking in colorful vistas.