TTFN, Utah

I’m writing this as we pack up the house in preparation for moving into the RV; by the time this blog is posted we will be on the road. I’ve fallen hard for Utah and I can’t deny that a part of me will always want to be here. Sure I was smitten the first time I passed through here but after spending many months here over the past 2+ years, I’ve come to appreciate and deeply love the landscape. There are so many incredible places in this little corner of the world – many fantastic hikes and adventures for sure – but an abundance of so-called ordinary places too. These “ordinary places” have been the setting for some special and meditative daily dogwalks, some brilliant sunrises and sunsets, and some pretty random adventures: a few of the everyday things that have contributed to my sense of contentment. I have never taken them for granted.

I’ve been living a good life these past few years and spending time in Utah has made me very happy. Living in an actual house for a few months every year has been wonderful too – an opportunity for Tom and I to spend leisurely days hiking, reading, and enjoying the good life. In particular, I have relished having a full-sized kitchen to putter around in, perfecting recipes and trying out new ideas. But as we embark on a life on the road I find myself reflective rather than sad, grateful for the time we’ve spent here but looking forward to what’s next. I can’t speak for Tom but to me this move back to full-time traveling feels more like another seamless transition rather than a new chapter. And a natural one at that.

We have some exciting plans in the future that we are hoping will come to fruition, but for the immediate future we’ll be indulging ourselves in some hiking on our way to northern Montana for the first of our summer Habitat builds. In a few months we plan on stopping back here but until then, onward to other parts of Utah and to Montana and Idaho!

A few of my baking creations that I’ve enjoyed working on:

Chewy Molasses Ginger Spelt Cookies

Lemon blueberry muffins

Brown sugar cardamom snickerdoodles

Lemon cookie recipe tasting

Pie making in progress

The product: Dutch Apple Pie

Wishing my pumpkin coffee cake to stop collapsing in the center! Still good though.

Finally, packing and organizing isn’t something I find difficult or stressful but choosing books did admittedly require a full inventory followed by a lengthly decision-making process. E-readers would obviously be ideal for the traveling I do (especially when I was driving around with 50-75 books in my old Honda Civic) but I have a strong distaste for reading on screens. Not to mention I make lots of notes in the margins. So yeah, I carry an extra 30 pounds of books.

Packing… and trying to decide which books are going with me