Idaho Days

We arrived in southeast Idaho in time to hunker down for a few days of rain, snow, hail, and more rain. In mid-May. In any case we had some business to take care of so we did that plus also a lot of reading. I of course did some blogging and baking: with regards to the latter I think I got my recipe down for my fudge-y chocolate pecan cookies. Dogwalks were fit in between precipitation events but mostly Abby was bored to tears.

We had intended to do some serious hiking in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest during our time in Idaho but on the day the weather broke we instead ended up doing more of an exploratory drive that included multiple walking/short hiking stops. We began by going east following the gorgeous Snake River up the mountains into the Targhee National Forest and then crossing into Wyoming and the Bridger-Teton National Forest before looping back. Most of the way we followed the river (and – where it is dammed – the shore of the Palisades Reservoir) as it passed south of the Snake River Range but on our way back we took a northern route over Teton Pass which offered us some amazing views of the Jackson Hole Valley – and more snow.

Our time in civilization also led us to sampling the local beer, notably at Idaho Brewing Company in Idaho Falls. As usual we tried their offerings via a couple flights; I was a huge fan of their pale ale but we both agreed their Black Lager was the standout.