Meow Wolf

Meow Wolf is technically an art collective but it is best known, maybe exclusively known, for the permanent installation House of Eternal Return. Billed as “immersive” and “interactive,” the exhibition is unlike any other art installation I’ve experienced – and it hands down THE coolest art exhibition or museum I’ve ever visited.

The narrative centers on a seemingly-regular house and its missing inhabitants… seemingly normal until you discover the portals that pop up in the most surprising places. These portals literally transport you to alternate worlds, allowing you to discover bright, psychedelic spaces that provide clues to the mystery of what happened to the family. I don’t want to give too much away either in my description or my photos but I do want to encourage you to go should you find yourself in the Santa Fe area. Tom and I had a blast, each of us following our own paths through the narrative and the space itself, climbing up, around, and into intoxicating and overwhelming spaces.

In summary – and without saying anything more – it was an amazing, challenging, mind-blowing experience. Go there.