The Fishing Town of Lubec, an Exploration of Jasper Beach, and a Great Evening at Machias River Brewing Company

The few days we spent exploring Campobello Island, West Quoddy Lighthouse, and Boot Head Preserve we camped in the town of Lubec, Maine, famed for being the easternmost incorporated town in the U.S. Though we spent most of our time out exploring we did spend a couple evenings walking around the town, checking out the historical fish houses, looking at the harbor area, and grabbing a beer. We also spent our last morning there hiking along the shore on the south side of town. Lubec is a (really) small town, but one with a lot of character and history. Situated on an ice-free port, the town has long hosted shipping and fish packing companies; these stimulated other businesses including a large canning company, but by the 1970s all but one of the town’s major employers closed, leading to a decline in population.

Lubec Narrows

Fish houses, Lubec, Maine

Fish houses with a view across the Lubec Narrows to Campobello Island

FDR Bridge to Campbello Island

Harbor, Lubec, Maine

Sunset from our camp site

Morning dogwalk near Passamaquoddy Bay

The morning we left we drove down the coast to the town of Machias from where we drove out to one of my favorite places in Maine: Jasper Beach. In addition to being a beautiful cove, the rocks of the cobbled beach sing when the waves crash over them. Since our visit coincided with low tide Tom and I explored the north side of the cove which features some amazing geology, including caves and a free standing arch. We also walking a bit across the forest of the headland and upstream along a creek that drains into the bay.

Us laughing as my glasses get knocked askew

After surveying for a couple hours we headed back to town to get a glimpse of Bad River Falls and stop at the Machias River Brewing Company. Owners Danielle and John provided us with some excellent beer (my favorite being the Crooked River Porter), great conversation, and some custom vegan nachos with extra grilled veggies for me.