Hiking the Cutler Coastal Trail

Our hike in the Cutler Coastal Preserve was one of the best trails I’ve done on the Maine coast. Similar to our hike at Boot Head, we began by crossing maritime woodlands until we reached the 4 mile section of headlands. Here the cliffs fell away dramatically to the sea below exposing headlands composed of volcanic rock. The trail mostly wove itself in and out of the forest as we walked south paralleling the cliffs, steeply rising and falling with the contours of the plateau. A few places along the trail we passed through meadow as well, overgrown with an abundance of green and punctuated by the vibrant purple of fireweed.

Our early departure meant that most of our hike was under delightfully sunny skies, but as the day progressed the cloud cover increased. The moody skies paired well with the tide coming in however, making for some fantastic displays of spray and churn a hundred so feet below. Our photos may have suffered from the deteriorating light, but the in-person views did not; it remained an incredibly beautiful walk.