The Usual: Photo Roundup of Hikes in the Mesilla Valley

Seeing as we were working in Las Cruces for 7½ months I took probably a dozen half-day or longer repeat hikes (or variations of previous hikes) in the Organ, Robeldo, and Las Uvas Mountain Ranges nearby. Rather than write about each of these individually – and risk duplicating information I’ve already blogged about – I’ve done a roundup of the best pictures from these excursions, assuming you’re interested. I thought this would a good visual summary however until I uploaded the photos and looked at them together, at which time I realized that there’s a lot of dog in them. So, I cut out some Abbadog glamour shots but ultimately Abbs features in many of them…. What can I say? I’m of the opinion that she makes most any view better. 🙂