A Shorty But Goody: Hell Roaring Lake

Following the massive hike to and beyond Sawtooth Lake the day before, Tom and I set out to do the shorter jaunt to Hell Roaring Lake. Though the lake can be accessed via a high clearance, 4-wheel drive road we opted to walk from the lower trailhead. These additional 2 miles through lodgepole pine regrowth are hardly the prettiest in the Sawtooths but there were several breaks where we could see the creek and a few sections of taller mature trees that made for a scenic walk. The real highlight however is the lake, particularly the views across the lake to the ragged mountains and monolithic granite “Finger of Fate.”

We took our time hiking the 5 miles to the lake and took more time once we were there to sit, explore the shoreline, and eat our lunch. I too spent quite a bit of time photographing the peaks across the water, charmed by the stately granite towering over the blue water. Miraculously, despite the ease of the trail and the beauty of the lake, we only encountered one other group of two, and so had the place to ourselves as well. It was, particularly after the long hike the previous day, a very relaxing day.