Holiday Hiking: Thanksgiving and Christmas 2020

We were home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas of last year having visited Tom’s family before the holidays and so they didn’t look too different from any other days. Which of course meant a hike.

As it happened, Abby and I hiked the same trail on both holidays – though with different spurs added onto the main route – but both our hikes terminated at the benches overlooking Cedar Creek Canyon where we commemorated the holidays with a selfie. This trail remains one of my favorites and one that Abbs and I did often since it’s easy to connect with other trails and customize the distance. It’s also adjacent to some neat canyons that we enjoyed bushwacking through.

Lined with maple and oak in addition to the stouter pines and firs, the trail is bright and colorful during the early autumn, but the dulled yellow tones revealed by the low light of winter are particularly satisfying as well. I still had my old phone at the this time last year so I wasn’t really able to capture the warmth and glow of the sun through the trees in these photos, but future posts will be sure to include some better images since I hike there regularly.