Memorial Falls and the Little Belt Mountains

Our next adventure was an investigative trip into the Little Belt Mountains north of White Sulphur Springs. We left with a little in the way of a plan which led to a few exploratory walks along random forest roads and along Belt Creek before we saw the sign for Memorial Falls.

The trail to the falls is pretty short and very, very sweet. Starting by crossing the creek you immediately enter the cocoon of lofty firs and the granite walls of the canyon. A short ascent alongside the rushing water later and then you are presented with the clattering of water rushing over the edge of the cliff, across the boulders, and under the logs. From there I opted to do another short climb up to the upper falls where huge numbers of logs rest at the base of the small pond.

It was an incredibly beautiful area and a fantastic short hike. Though a bit far from our base in Helena, its definitely a place I’d like to visit again.