1906 Trail

On our last day in Helena we decided to check out the trails in City Park. After some reading I decided I was intrigued by the scenic 1906 Trail up to the summit but it was advertised as a little steeper and lengthier than Abby would have been interested in doing so we split up at the trailhead with Tom and Abbs heading for a flatter, shorter jaunt.

Under bright sun and a cloudless blue sky I traversed the tall grassy area closest to the parking area and began my ascent through treed mountainside. About halfway up I passed some dramatic cliffs and caves before turning to the south and winding my way up to the peak. It was fairly steep much of the way but the trail was so well-graded it was a thoroughly pleasaurable experience, enhanced by the consistent views through the tree breaks of the valley below.

Once at the top I roamed around on the exposed granite for a bit, soaking in the beauty while considering my options for a return trip; with so many trails in the park I had numerous routes available to me that would bring me back to the trailhead I’d started on. Ultimately I decided to return the way I’d come in hopes of spending a few more minutes examining the cliffs and caves I’d passed on the way up. This turned out to be a good decision since I was able to capture better photos than I had previously.