More Mountain Touring and Some Very, Very Serious Wind

Since Abby had had a few big days exploring in and around the Beartooths we decided to have an easy last day before traveling to our next stop. We spent much of the day following Clark’s Fork of the Yellowstone and then Lake Creek through Shoshone National Forest, making numerous stops for overlooks, short walks, and taking in the spectacular views. Abby was enthusiastic with the variety of smells and sights – particularly in the abundant meadows – and even opted for a quick dip in Fox Creek below the scenic Pilot and Index Peaks. Despite the high temperatures that day it was an enjoyable and relaxing excursion.

As we approached our camp later that evening however the clear skies darkened and the wind began picking up at an alarming rate. We pulled in the RV slide and prepared to hunker down but the sustained wind speed kept increasing – to over 60mph according to the nearest weather station. Constant gusts at over 80mph kept us literally rocking despite our stabilizers being down, and the sound, the screech of the wind was at best unsettling. I personally found it downright harrowing in combination with the movement. Luckily the storm moved on before daybreak allowing us to drive onwards, but for a few hours during that night I was pretty worried.