Aspen Hunting, Fall 2021 Edition

Each year I eagerly look forward to the leaves changing, specifically those of the aspen tree. While I really do love the multi-colored maples and oaks, it’s the glow of the aspen leaves and the bright yellow light that filters down from the canopy that I adore most. And so, each fall I go out hunting for stands of aspen, usually going off trail or down old fire roads, bushwacking cross-country, and climbing over dead fall. Abby was an asset in these escapades since she would invariably find the easiest route and her presence was sorely missed this year as I nearly took a header down a steep hillside but I did quite enjoy the leaf peeping despite going it alone.

Allie was way too little to go with me on many of these excursions last October and November, but I did take her on a couple of my favorite trails that boast a good number of aspen trees and I would say she very clearly enjoyed it. I look forward to her joining me in all my foolishness this year and hopefully keeping my company as I try and navigate through some new territory.