Petit Jean State Park, Part 2: Cedar Falls and Seven Hollows Trails

We started our second full day at Petit Jean State Park with a hike to Cedar Falls, a 95-foot waterfall in the canyon below Petit Mountain. Though it’s a short hike, the elevation loss and slippery conditions on the rock steps and the steep grades forced us to take our time getting down to the creek. Once there we followed the trail as it wound around boulders and trees, enjoying the rushing sound of the water. We lingered at the falls for awhile, circling the base of the pool and enjoying the sunlight that was beginning to peek into the depths of the gorge before retracing our steps back to the rim.

From there we drove back to the campground for some lunch and then Allie and I headed out for an afternoon hike on the Seven Hollows Trail. The 4.5 mile loop trail circles through numerous small canyons and passes a small natural arch, a box canyon with a small waterfall, and supposedly a prehistoric Native American bluff dwelling – though I completely missed the latter. I think we both enjoyed the box canyon the most of all the sections, I for the colorful moss and lichen on the sandstone and Allie for the apparently-captivating smells at the furthest point in the back of the canyon. After that we climbed back to high ground and had a pleasant jaunt through the trees on the route back to the trailhead.