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Hopewell Culture National Historical Park

Hopewell Culture National Historical Park was created to preserve multiple earthwork complexes constructed between 200 BC and 500 AD in the Scioto River Valley in Ohio. Though the term Hopewell is used to… Continue reading

Colonial Michilimackinac, Fort Michilimackinac State Park

Fort Michilimackinac has an interesting history. Occupied starting in 1715, the fort served as center for fur trade for the French followed by the British before being moved in 1781 from its position… Continue reading

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site, Illinois

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site contains the remains of the largest pre-Columbian Native American city, which was the cultural and economic capital of the Mississippian society that stretched from Minnesota to northern Florida… Continue reading

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, Colorado

The Florissant Fossil Beds in eastern Colorado are a six thousand acre prairie and forest preserve overlaying multiple deposits of late Eocene-era fossils. Over fifty thousand high quality samples have been uncovered here… Continue reading

Lions Head and Duncan Springs Trails, Dixie National Forest

On recommendation from a friend we took the short drive out to see a collection of pictographs at the Lion’s Head in Dixie National Forest and while we were there, found a trail… Continue reading

Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, Part 2: Dinosaur Prints and Scaling the Dino Cliffs

On our first hike together at the Dinosaur Cliffs we had branched off from the trail to explore the cliffs from the top before wandering off into the desert reserve but this time… Continue reading

V – Bar – V Petroglyph Site, Coconino National Forest, Arizona

The V – Bar – V Heritage Site contains a series of panels incised with more than a thousand petroglyphs that were carved between approximately 1150 and 1400 AD by the Southern Sinaguans.… Continue reading

Tuzigoot National Monument, Arizona

Tuzigoot National Monument is a pueblo constructed by the Sinagua people, who also occupied the nearby cliff dwellings at Montezuma Castle and Montezuma Well. Unlike those settlements however, the pueblo at Tuzigoot is… Continue reading

Montezuma Castle National Monument and Montezuma Well, Arizona

Montezuma Castle National Monument features a 20-room cliff dwelling constructed by the southern Sinaguan people of central Arizona between 1100 and 1300 AD. The soft, already-eroded limestone here was easily shaped into living… Continue reading

Crystal River State Archaeological Site, Florida

The Crystal River Archaeological site is a pre-Colombian complex of six burial and temple mounds (and one midden) that surround a central plaza. Occupied continuously from around 200 BC, the site provides invaluable… Continue reading