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Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

Two days after Christmas we left Utah, traveling south for an 11-week trip. After a full day of driving we made our first stop at Casa Grande National Monument, a Hohokam archaeological site… Continue reading

Hiking near Black Rock, Arizona

We set for a hike with Terry the day after I returned to Utah but there was a cold front and quite a bit of snow. Abby loved it. We humans decided to… Continue reading

Wupatki National Monument

Following the eruption of Sunset Volcano in the 11th century, thousands of prehistoric people came to settle on the high plains north of modern Flagstaff immediately surrounding the 1,000-foot cinder cone. Within this… Continue reading

Walnut Canyon National Monument

Like Homol’ovi, Walnut Canyon tells another part of the great migration stories of the peoples who lived in the Southwest in the 11th – 15th centuries. Following the volcanic eruption that created Sunset… Continue reading

Homol’ovi State Park

Homol’ovi State Park preserves a cluster of villages that were occupied between ca. 1250 and 1400 AD and thus provide archaeologists with an important link in reconstructing the migration of ancient peoples in… Continue reading

Petrified Forest National Park

Well, the storm I wrote about waiting out in my last post left northern New Mexico slick with seriousl layers of ice and snow. I had planned to continue north to visit archaeological… Continue reading

Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Part 2: South and North Rim Overlooks

Canyon de Chelly National Monument protects over 84,000 acres of the Navajo Reservation, encompassing Canyon Del Muerto and Black Canyon as well, that break off from the longer, eponymous Canyon de Chelly. These… Continue reading

Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Part 1: White House Ruins Trail

My visit to Canyon de Chelly was the first stop on a short solo road trip in mid-December. I arrived at the canyon in mid-afternoon to find a fresh dusting of snow along… Continue reading

Cedar Pocket, Virgin River Canyon Recreation Area, Arizona, Part 2: Climb Every Mountain, Ford Every Stream

As I said in my last post, there are no trails in the Virgin River Canyon Recreation Area, but access is unrestricted so the following morning, exploring I went. I started by crossing… Continue reading

Cedar Pocket, Virgin River Canyon Recreation Area, Arizona, Part 1: Wading Through the Virgin River

The Cedar Pocket section of the Virgin River Canyon contains a small day-use area and campground situated on the rim of the canyon overlooking the river. There are no trails in the canyon… Continue reading