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V – Bar – V Petroglyph Site, Coconino National Forest, Arizona

The V – Bar – V Heritage Site contains a series of panels incised with more than a thousand petroglyphs that were carved between approximately 1150 and 1400 AD by the Southern Sinaguans.… Continue reading

Tuzigoot National Monument, Arizona

Tuzigoot National Monument is a pueblo constructed by the Sinagua people, who also occupied the nearby cliff dwellings at Montezuma Castle and Montezuma Well. Unlike those settlements however, the pueblo at Tuzigoot is… Continue reading

Bell Rock Pathway, Sedona, Arizona

Bell Rock Pathway is a well-used trail winding through the large red rock formations that make Sedona famous. I walked around some of the more notable formations – Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock… Continue reading

Montezuma Castle National Monument and Montezuma Well, Arizona

Montezuma Castle National Monument features a 20-room cliff dwelling constructed by the southern Sinaguan people of central Arizona between 1100 and 1300 AD. The soft, already-eroded limestone here was easily shaped into living… Continue reading

Bell Trail, Coconino National Forest, Arizona

I camped for three nights in Coconino National Forest, located in central Arizona near Sedona, with the intent of hiking along the Bell Trail along Wet Beaver Creek – though discovered archaeological sites… Continue reading

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Part 3: Random Observations. Plus, Saguaros Gone Wild

In addition to the other hikes and walks, I took a couple mile jaunt near a wayside that yielded some interesting piles of tuff and more cactus; there were also more views of… Continue reading

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Part 2: Alamo Canyon Trail, Desert View Trail, Victoria Mine Trail, and Palo Verde Trail

I hiked quite a few trails while at Organ Pipe but although they were for the most part spectacular, many of the landscapes appeared similar. So in the interests of not showing you… Continue reading

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Part 1: The Ajo Mountain Drive, Arch Canyon Trail, and Bull Pasture Trail

I spent four days at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in southern Arizona, amazed at what was a completely new landscape for me. The Sonoran Desert is famous for the saguaro cactus, which… Continue reading

Texas Canyon, Arizona. Or, How to Rest at a Rest Stop

Question: What would you normally do at a rest stop? If you’d answer “use the restroom” or “eat lunch, or “stretch you legs” you’re answer would be incomplete if you were me and… Continue reading

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Part 3: Coyote Buttes and The Wave

An extraordinary set of circumstances occurred when I returned to the trailhead from my morning in Wire Pass and Buckskin Gulch. I had decided to drive to a different trailhead for an afternoon… Continue reading