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Arisaig Provincial Park, Nova Scotia

Only a couple days after I had been walking around in a tank top and shorts on Brier Island, autumn arrived. I had begun making my way north but was still taken aback… Continue reading

Western Light and the Coastal Trail, Brier Island Nature Preserve

On the opposite side of the island is Western Light(house), an octagonal tower marking the official entrance to the Bay of Fundy. Located four miles out of town and on a dirt road,… Continue reading

High Cliff Cove Look-Off, Nova Scotia

On my travels down the thin strip of land on Nova Scotia’s west coast known as Digby Neck I stopped at High Cliff Cove, a small harbor with a couple lobster sheds and… Continue reading

Blomindon Provincial Park, Nova Scotia

I arrived at Blomindon intent on hiking what I had heard were spectacular trails. But somewhere on my drive that day I lost my motivation so when I arrived to find the gate… Continue reading

Prince Edward Island National Park, Part 2: Brackley-Dalvay

My first order of business when I arrived at the Brackley-Dalvay section of the park was a swim. I was walking the path over the dunes to see if the beach I had… Continue reading

Prince Edward Island National Park, Part 1: Greenwich

Prince Edward Island National Park is comprised of three geographically-distinct sections, of which I visited two; the third is built around the historical house of author Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables,… Continue reading

Prince Edward Island

From Five Islands Provincial Park I cut north across a strip of Nova Scotia to catch the ferry to Prince Edward Island. After setting off counter-clockwise around the island perimeter, I spent the… Continue reading

Five Islands Provincial Park, Nova Scotia. Or, This Trail Smells Like Curry.

Because I had dallied away much of the morning at Five Islands Lighthouse Park, by the time I reached the provincial park the tide was coming in – and rather quickly. I wanted… Continue reading

Wasson Bluffs and the Fundy Geological Museum

After getting an introduction to the unique geology of the area while at Joggins Fossil Cliffs, I was eager to visit the Fundy Geological Museum. The small interpretive center recapped the geological history… Continue reading

Joggins Fossil Cliffs, Nova Scotia: Lots and Lots (and Lots) of Rocks

I don’t exactly know how to describe how amazing my experience at Joggins Fossil Cliffs was. So, I will just say that hands down, I saw some of the coolest shit I’ve ever… Continue reading