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Impressions of Death Valley

Death Valley is unsettling. Eerie. Forbidding. Unforgiving. The otherworldly topography combined with the amount of empty space seems somehow wrong and – more so – unfit for habitation. It’s difficult to describe except… Continue reading

Top Ten Favorite Hikes

My previous post was a list of my all time favorite places but because I find it hard to compare the different experiences, I decided to write a post dedicated to my favorite… Continue reading

(Top Ten) Favorite Places

I’m always asked what my favorite place has been, by both my friends and people I meet on my travels, and I feel a little silly not having an answer. I can usually… Continue reading

Battery Point Lighthouse, Crescent City

Built in 1856, the Battery Point Lighthouse, also known as Crescent City Lighthouse, is an active lighthouse in Crescent City, California operating as a private navigational aid for vessels and is manned by… Continue reading

Redwoods, Part 4: Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

Located to the north of the national park, the Jedediah Smith State Park redwood forests have a similar feel to the coastal groves of Prairie Creek though these forests lay further inland and… Continue reading

Redwoods National Park, Part 3: Lady Bird Johnson Grove

The inland redwood forests on the hills are of a slightly different quality than the coastal groves. Less dense with less understory, these forests are naturally brighter, less humid, and have a less… Continue reading

Redwoods, Part 2: Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

The coastal groves of Prairie Creek are densely wooded, with thick layers of organic tuff on the forest floor and thick fog that hangs in the moist air. The woods here have a… Continue reading

Redwoods National and State Parks, Part 1: An Introduction

Once I reached the coast I continued making my way north along Highway 101, which alternately runs along the Pacific cliffs, past low-lying wetlands, and through the forested hills. Just driving along the… Continue reading

Shasta, California

I skirted San Francisco and decided to head right to the Redwoods from there, making time by driving the I-5. Overnighting off the highway, I then crossed the gorgeous wooded Klamath Mountains of… Continue reading

Mount Madonna County Park

Driving back inland late in the day over the mountains and through the yellow-leafed trees was rejuvenating, the crisp fall air and late afternoon sunlight streaming through the trees a reminder of the… Continue reading