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Old Town Mill, New London, Connecticut

The Old Town Mill in New London was one of the first in the United States, built in 1650 by John Winthrop Jr., who founded the city of New London. The original millstones… Continue reading

Stonyledge Farm, North Stonington, Connecticut

Stonyledge Farm is where I had my CSA subscription when I lived in Rhode Island. The 103-acre farm is located right along the Rhode Island – Connecticut border with the land located entirely… Continue reading

Collins Axe Company Mill, Connecticut

I like mills. I’ve always loved the aesthetics of brick, plank wood flooring, and huge windows and I’ve always loved old factories and warehouses. There’s something about old industrial landscapes beyond the interest… Continue reading

Enders State Forest, Connecticut

This section of the stream in Enders State Forest is known for its seven waterfalls. I decided to check it out based on a recommendation of a former Connecticut resident I “met” on… Continue reading

Green Fall Pond, Pachaug State Forest, Connecticut

Green Fall Pond Trail, a short 2+ mile loop around Green Fall Pond located in the Pachaug State Forest, was a short hike I fit in on the way to my friend’s house.… Continue reading

Chapman Falls, Devil’s Hopyard, Connecticut

It was very hot the day of our visit to Gillette’s Castle so by the time we were ready to leave in the afternoon, I could tell Alex wasn’t interested in going hiking… Continue reading

Gillette Castle State Park, Connecticut

One of the places I was anxious to visit again was Gillette’s Castle. Alex had never been inside which made it even more fun; it’s the kind of thing that you can’t help… Continue reading

Rhododendron Sanctuary Trail, Pachaug State Forest, Connecticut

I came across the Rhododendron Sanctuary Trail when I was looking for hikes in the state forest and thought it would be perfect for Alex since it was full of flowers and more… Continue reading

Bluff Point State Park, Connecticut

Bluff Point is my favorite place in Connecticut. Only a 25 minute drive from where I lived in Rhode Island, Bluff Point was a haven and my go-to spot for a hike; when… Continue reading

Trolley Trail, Branford

My arrival to the Connecticut/Rhode Island area coincided with a drastic reduction in the days my friend Alex was working so we ended up getting to spend more time together than originally thought.… Continue reading