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Prim Point Lightstation, Nova Scotia

I think you’re all aware at this point how much I love basalt, whether pillowed, fractured, or eroded. Combine it with ocean coastline and conifer trees, and I’m smitten. Lucky for me, this… Continue reading

Cape Jourimain National Wildlife Refuge, New Brunswick

There are two ways to get on or off Prince Edward Island: Via the ferry from Nova Scotia to the east or the Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick to the west. I chose… Continue reading

Cape Egmont and Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island

Since I was already out by Cap Ergmont to see the Bottle Houses, I ventured a mile further down the road to see the Cape Ergmont Lighthouse. And I’m glad I did because… Continue reading

Prince Edward Island National Park, Part 2: Brackley-Dalvay

My first order of business when I arrived at the Brackley-Dalvay section of the park was a swim. I was walking the path over the dunes to see if the beach I had… Continue reading

Prince Edward Island

From Five Islands Provincial Park I cut north across a strip of Nova Scotia to catch the ferry to Prince Edward Island. After setting off counter-clockwise around the island perimeter, I spent the… Continue reading

Partridge Island and Five Islands Lighthouse

On the recommendation of an extremely knowledgeable woman working at the Fundy Geological Museum, I headed to Partridge Island after spending the morning and early afternoon at the museum and Wasson Bluff. The… Continue reading

Cape D’Or Scenic Area and Lighthouse

The Cape D’Or Scenic Area centers on the charming lighthouse on the penninsula, but also includes two short walking trails on the bluff overhead as well as a restaurant and a tiny B&B… Continue reading

Quaco Head Lighthouse and West Quaco Beach and Mudflats, New Brunswick

Spotting a lighthouse on the map that looked close to the sea caves, I drove back through the tiny collection of buildings known as St. Martins and across a few miles of salt… Continue reading

Traveling in Canada: Sights, Beaches, and Sunsets in New Brunswick

Navigating without the aid of Internet or GPS while in Canada resulted in mostly random wandering, which turned out to be a fantastic way of traveling the country. I had honed my aimless… Continue reading

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, Maine

The West Quoddy Lighthouse is the easternmost lighthouse in the U.S. and the peninsula its located on also happens to be the easternmost point in the United States, jutting out into the Quoddy… Continue reading