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Snowplay: Abby Hearts Winter

We had a half dozen decent snowstorms during the winter of 2020-21, though nothing near the amount of snowfall we should have gotten and needed. Damn La Nina…. Unfortunately, as we speak we’re… Continue reading

Holiday Hiking: Thanksgiving and Christmas 2020

We were home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas of last year having visited Tom’s family before the holidays and so they didn’t look too different from any other days. Which of course meant… Continue reading

Settling Into Late Autumn

Late fall came first of course to the higher elevations: by the last week of October the colors were long gone in the canyons above 8,000 feet and less than 2 weeks later… Continue reading

Finding the Maples

It appears that I spoke too soon about my computer being fixed: it’s been barely limping along as I’ve been trying to get this post written and uploaded over the past few weeks.… Continue reading

That Golden Glow

Hello All, I know it’s been a minute since I’ve posted. My computer was broken for 3 months – yeah, 3 months – but the required part finally arrived and it seems like… Continue reading

Fall Arrives in the Sacramento Mountains, 2020 Edition

Even though most of the trails are around 9,000 feet in the southern Sacramento Mountains, the lingering daylight at this latitude means that the change of colors arrives late, with most aspen leaves… Continue reading


I had planned this hike through an unexplored section of the Sierra Blancas some time ago, eagerly looking forward to traversing the high peaks. Yet as my month vacation in the mountains dwindled… Continue reading

A Canyon Saunter: Little Bonito with Tom and Abbs

Our next hike as a threesome was a jaunt up to the Crest Trail via the most popular of the routes, Big Bonito to Little Bonito Canyons. Because of the temperatures and some… Continue reading

Choose Your Own Path: A Hike to Buck Mountain

Buck Mountain is probably best known in the area as the peak with all the communication towers, a secondary or tertiary high point in a cluster of peaks near the mother of Sierra… Continue reading

The First of Many

This post chronicles the second of many loops incorporating Argentina and/or Turkey Canyons, my two favorite access points to the Crest Trail tracking the north-south ridge line along the Sierra Blancas. Our first… Continue reading