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The John Day Fossil Beds, Part 1: The Painted Hills

The John Day Fossil Beds are three separate areas in central Oregon managed by the National Park Service. Where there are fossils, there are usually interesting rocks and with that, I headed towards… Continue reading

Driving and Hiking Along the Historic Columbia River Highway: A Saga

This wasn’t the first time on this trip I wandered into something unprepared. A week or two before my arrival I had been looking up geologically significant places in Oregon on the Internet… Continue reading

The Trail of Ten Falls, Silver Falls State Park

I made my way north in Oregon, travelling temporarily from the drier central areas to the forested foothills of the Cascades and Silver Falls State Park. The Trail of Ten Falls lies in… Continue reading

And Yet Another Gorgeous Body of Water

After my swim in Detroit Lake I continued on my way only to encounter another stunning body of water that grabbed my attention from the road. It may actually have been an extension… Continue reading

Detroit Lake, a Lovely Blend of Blue and Green

After leaving Newberry National Volcanic Monument I headed northwest along Route 22 and happily came upon a lovely lake. Situated 45 miles southeast of Salem, Detroit Lake boasts aquamarine waters and abundant plant… Continue reading

Newberry National Volcanic Monument. Or, An Excuse to Post Lots of Pictures of Rocks.

Newberry National Volcanic Monument surrounds the area of Newberry volcano and includes lava flows, obsidian fields, cinder cones surrounding volcanic vents, and a lava tube. From the highest point in the park, Paulina… Continue reading

Bonus Waterfall: Paulina Falls

Just outside the Newberry National Volcanic Monument I stopped by Paulina Falls, expecting a nice little waterfall – which I got – plus a bonus waterfall. Thanks, Oregon.

Crater Lake National Park. Or, How Many Pictures Can You Take of the Same Lake?

Answer: A lot. Especially when it’s this beautiful. After spending a few days on the gorgeous Oregon coast, I somewhat reluctantly drove inland towards Crater Lake National Park. Crater Lake is a 2,000… Continue reading

Cliffs and Coastline, Sea Stacks and Shoreline

As far as I can tell, the Oregon coast is the perfect combination of blue waters and striking shoreline. Because of all the volcanic activity in the area, much of the coast is… Continue reading

What Lies Beneath: The Wonders of Low Tide

The Pacific teems with life just underneath the surface. From kelp forests to sea grass to barnacles to tide pools, the ocean here reveals wonders at low tide.