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Cape Egmont and Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island

Since I was already out by Cap Ergmont to see the Bottle Houses, I ventured a mile further down the road to see the Cape Ergmont Lighthouse. And I’m glad I did because… Continue reading

Bottle Houses, Prince Edward Island

After seeing the national park along the north shore I decided to head back to Nova Scotia so I made my way south to the bridge, which is the other, western connection to… Continue reading

Prince Edward Island National Park, Part 2: Brackley-Dalvay

My first order of business when I arrived at the Brackley-Dalvay section of the park was a swim. I was walking the path over the dunes to see if the beach I had… Continue reading

Prince Edward Island National Park, Part 1: Greenwich

Prince Edward Island National Park is comprised of three geographically-distinct sections, of which I visited two; the third is built around the historical house of author Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables,… Continue reading

Prince Edward Island

From Five Islands Provincial Park I cut north across a strip of Nova Scotia to catch the ferry to Prince Edward Island. After setting off counter-clockwise around the island perimeter, I spent the… Continue reading