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The Twisted Forms and Many Colors of the Red Cliffs. Or, Maybe You Want To Skip This Post if You Don’t Want to Look at Rocks.

After returning from Grand Staircase-Escalante, we ventured back to the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area for a hike. Upon our arrival I decided we should head southwest from the Cottonwood Canyon Trailhead towards… Continue reading

Neys Provincial Park, Part 2: Under the Volcano Trail

The trailhead for the Under the Volcano Trail begins at the end of the Point Trail, which brings you to the other side of the largest headland at Neys. I was intrigued by… Continue reading

Pebble Beach, Marathon, Ontario

Pebble Beach is a 2km stretch of beach loaded with deposits of huge rounded pebbles and driftwood. Smoothed by wave action, the large rocks are piled on the steep shoreline making for difficult… Continue reading

Lake Superior Provincial Park, Part 5: Agawa Rocks Pictographs and Sinclair Cove

The Agawa Rocks Pictographs were created by the Ojibwe people over the course of two thousand years though the ones that reman visible are believed to date from four hundred years ago at… Continue reading

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, Colorado

The Florissant Fossil Beds in eastern Colorado are a six thousand acre prairie and forest preserve overlaying multiple deposits of late Eocene-era fossils. Over fifty thousand high quality samples have been uncovered here… Continue reading

Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, Part 2: More Wilderness Area Exploration and Turtle Rock

Tom and I went back to the Red Cliffs but he directed us to a different section of the reef, south of our last hike there. The hike began with similar views but… Continue reading

Iron Mountain District, Utah

The Iron Mountain District near Cedar City was settled in the mid-19th century after the discovery of iron and subsequent establishment of mining operations. Iron is concentrated here due to both faulting 20… Continue reading

The Earth Is Breaking: The Rim of Virgin River Canyon

On the way to a hike in the Virgin River Canyon, we stopped on the opposite side of the rim from the trail head to see the interesting phenomena of the cracked mesa… Continue reading

Texas Canyon, Arizona. Or, How to Rest at a Rest Stop

Question: What would you normally do at a rest stop? If you’d answer “use the restroom” or “eat lunch, or “stretch you legs” you’re answer would be incomplete if you were me and… Continue reading

White Point, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Or, Very Possibly the Most Beautiful Place on Earth

After leaving Dingwall in the morning I continued south, deciding to take the road that followed the coast rather than rejoin the more popular Cabot Trail that runs through the inland hills. Following… Continue reading