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Hike into Washington Hollow

We had been meaning to explore a few more of the established trails in the south section of the Red Cliffs (usually called the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve) and with the weather suddenly… Continue reading

Hiking to see “The Tree” in the Red Cliffs

Our first planned hike in Utah was to scramble around at our beloved Red Cliffs. Located 40 minutes south and 2.500 feet in elevation below us, the conservation area and adjoining section of… Continue reading

Our First Few Weeks Back in Utah

As I mentioned in my last post, we’ve been back in Utah for a few weeks now – actually about 4 weeks as I’m writing this. Instead of diving back into our usual… Continue reading

Petroglpyhs and Dinosaur Tracks in Parowan Canyon

Parowan Gap, a 3-mile long wind gap first cut into the bedrock by an ancient river, is an interesting geological feature that has long attracted visitors, from migrating prehistoric tribes to Mormon pioneers… Continue reading

The Exceptional Water Canyon

Our hike in Water Canyon was undoubtedly one of the best hikes we’ve done in southern Utah. The canyon had come to our attention last fall but with our October and November travels… Continue reading

Halloween Hike to Ghost Flats. Or, the Abbadog Hikes Again.

With Abby finally ready for her first real hike we were in the market for something short and easy. Red Canyon is only a couple miles from the house and offers some nice… Continue reading

Whipple Valley Trail and Pine Valley Recreation Area

The trails on the west side of the Pine Valley Mountains were something we’d meant to check our sooner but just hadn’t yet, despite our awesome hike last spring up the southeastern face… Continue reading

Return to Taylor Creek Trail

We had hiked the pretty Taylor Creek Trail just last October and hadn’t been planning on returning but we thought we’d take advantage of Abby not being able to hike (she’s not allowed… Continue reading

Gratitude and Daily Life

But while awareness of opportunities inherent in life events and circumstances is the core of gratefulness, awareness alone is not enough. What good is it to be aware of an opportunity, unless we… Continue reading

Henderson Hill and Noah’s Ark Trails

There are three short hikes in the beautiful First Left Hand Canyon though I had previously only done the Vermillion Castle Trail which is directly across the canyon from the mile-long Noah’s Ark… Continue reading