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Wawa Waterfalls: High Falls and Silver Falls on the Magpie River

Just outside of Wawa, Ontario are two very pretty waterfalls on the Magpie River located upstream of the hydroelectric plant. Approximately 5 miles apart from each other, these falls are connected by a… Continue reading

Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario, Part 3: Pinguisibi (Sand River) Trail

The Pinguisibi Trail is a 6 kilometer hike along the Sand River that begins where it empties into Lake Superior and ends upriver of all the major cascades. The trail begins with a… Continue reading

Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, Part 3: Red Reef and Anasazi Trails

The previous two trips to Red Cliffs National Conservation Area we had gone to Cottonwood Canyon, but this trip we headed to the central canyon, which is a popular recreation area. We followed… Continue reading

Zion National Park, Part 2: Camp Creek

On the way back from Silver Reef, we made a short stop at Camp Creek, just inside the northwest corner of Zion National Park. This is a wilderness area and there are no… Continue reading

Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Part 6: Mary Ann Falls, a Swim in Warren Lake, and Last Minute Moose!

The short trail to Mary Ann Falls revealed that more of the trees had surrendered to the coming cold, revealing some particularly vibrant reds and yellows. After crossing the Black Brook the trail… Continue reading

Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Part 5: Jigging Cove, Black Brook Cove, Green Cove, and Lakies Head

Re-entering Cape Breton National Park I began a series of stops at look offs and coves. My second stop at Black Brook Cove provided me an opportunity for some walking so I decided… Continue reading

Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Part 4: Aspy Trail and Beulach Ban Falls

The Aspy Trail, which climbs into the eponymous Aspy Valley, was recommended to me a few days earlier as a good trail for seeing Fall colors. I was still about 5-7 days before… Continue reading

Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Part 3: MacIntosh Brook Trail and Lone Shieling

The MacIntosh Brook Trail is a short trail through Acadian old-growth forest that leads to a smallish waterfall before looping back. Most of the trail follows the brook, with two crossings, following the… Continue reading

Arisaig Provincial Park, Nova Scotia

Only a couple days after I had been walking around in a tank top and shorts on Brier Island, autumn arrived. I had begun making my way north but was still taken aback… Continue reading

Blomindon Provincial Park, Nova Scotia

I arrived at Blomindon intent on hiking what I had heard were spectacular trails. But somewhere on my drive that day I lost my motivation so when I arrived to find the gate… Continue reading