Kure Beach and Coquina Outcroppings, North Carolina

My last stop before meeting my friends in Oak Island was the Wilmington area. I had heard about some interesting things to do in the area and thought I might have been interested… Continue reading

Poinsett State Park, South Carolina

After my hike in hot, humid Congaree National Park I had a strong desire to immerse myself in water. I consulted my atlas and headed to nearby Poinsett State Park which had a… Continue reading

Congaree National Park, South Carolina. Or, It Turns Out That the National Park Service Has a Sense of Humor

I intended to stop by Congaree only for the day and do some of the short trails around the visitor center before continuing east. What I knew I was really interested in doing… Continue reading

Museum of the Cherokee Indian

I was so intrigued by the Native Peoples exhibit at the McClung Museum that I incorporated a stop at the Museum of the Cherokee Indian on my journey to the coast. Because my… Continue reading

Driving in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina: Lake Junaluska and Oconaluftee Islands Park

After seeing such a great exhibit at the McClung Museum on the Native Peoples of Tennessee, I had a desire to explore the history and cultures of the people who lived in this… Continue reading

McClung Museum, Knoxville, Tennessee

When I was in the Big South Fork Recreation Area in Tennessee there were some bad storms forecasted so I had looked up some alternative activities and found the McClung Museum, a free… Continue reading

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, Part 4: Sand Cave and White Rocks

One of the things I loved about Cumberland Gap National Park was that once you got away from a handful of places, the park was relatively empty. Even Sand Cave and White Rocks,… Continue reading

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, Part 3: Gap Cave

I will learn to use my camera to properly take pictures in low light. I promise it’ll happen someday, really. But unfortunately this is yet another cave I’ve been in where I can’t… Continue reading

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, Part 2: Hensley Settlement

I really loved Cumberland Gap National Park: the views were stunning, the hikes were scenic, the trails were empty, and the caves were great, but if I had to pick only one thing… Continue reading

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, Part 1: Pinnacle Mountain and Hiking the Object Lesson Road to Tri-State Peak

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park is a lesser-known holding of the park service that features the pass in the Appalachian Mountain chain used by Native Americans, migrating buffalo and deer, Civil War soldiers,… Continue reading