City of Rocks State Park, New Mexico. Or, Another Excuse to Post Pictures of Rocks.

On my day off from working on the build I headed west to City of Rocks State Park. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you may recall my previous uh,… Continue reading

Habitat for Humanity Build, Part 2

While I was in Las Cruces there were four houses being built side by side, each in different stages of construction, which allowed for a wide variety of tasks and learning opportunities. I… Continue reading

And Now For Something Completely Different: Habitat for Humanity Build, Las Cruces, New Mexico, Part 1

For the next couple weeks I stayed in Las Cruces, New Mexico volunteering with the Mesilla Valley Habitat for Humanity. I had signed up through the RV Care-A-Vanner program in which the Habitat… Continue reading

Dripping Springs Natural Area, Las Cruces, New Mexico

After leaving El Paso I drove up to Las Cruces, New Mexico and headed towards the Organ Mountains, which bound the city on the east. The Dripping Springs Natural Area is a BLM… Continue reading

Visiting Friends in El Paso, Part 4: The Rest

What else did we do? Well, of course we went back to the pool… but we also went bowling, played a lot of Clue and Uno, cooked dinners together, watched movies, took walks,… Continue reading

Visiting Friends in El Paso, Part 3: Sand Sledding at White Sands National Monument

Intrigued by the idea of sand sledding we decided to drive up to White Sands National Monument in New Mexico to give it a try. For those of you have done traditional snow… Continue reading

Visiting Friends in El Paso, Part 2: Hiking the Ron Coleman Trail at McKelligon Canyon

Chrissy also brought us to Franklin Mountains State Park to hike McKelligon Canyon, a steep hike up the canyon walls that offers spectacular views of El Paso and the surrounding countryside. About halfway… Continue reading

Visiting Friends in El Paso, Part 1: Swimming

I next spent about a week in El Paso visiting my friends Chrissy and Carrie over New Years. And while – very, very sadly – Rachel, Jen, and Andrew could not join us,… Continue reading

Salt Flat, Texas

On my drive to El Paso from the Guadalupe Mountains I unexpectedly came upon a gorgeous salt pan along Route 62/180. The shimmering white salt against the powder blue water pastel mountains was… Continue reading

Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Part 3: McKittrick Canyon Trail

My last day at Guadalupe Mountains National Park I hiked the 6.8 section of the McKittrick Canyon Trail to the Grotto. Leading through the canyon, the trail is mostly flat and affords spectacular… Continue reading