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Camera Obscura, Cheverie, Nova Scotia

It’s not everyday you come across a functioning camera obscura. Similar in concept to a pinhole camera, the camera obscura is a chamber that lets in light from a single point (here from… Continue reading

Sutherland Steam Mill, Nova Scotia

Just ten miles from the Balmoral Grist Mill is the Sutherland Steam Mill, a lumber mill that operated from 1894 through 1958. The Sutherland Mill was unique for its use of steam power,… Continue reading

Balmoral Grist Mill, Nova Scotia

The Balmoral Grist Mill was a treat. I love old mills and was eager to visit this one but I was really excited when I arrived and found out it wasn’t a corn… Continue reading

Cape Jourimain National Wildlife Refuge, New Brunswick

There are two ways to get on or off Prince Edward Island: Via the ferry from Nova Scotia to the east or the Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick to the west. I chose… Continue reading

Cape Egmont and Lighthouse, Prince Edward Island

Since I was already out by Cap Ergmont to see the Bottle Houses, I ventured a mile further down the road to see the Cape Ergmont Lighthouse. And I’m glad I did because… Continue reading

Bottle Houses, Prince Edward Island

After seeing the national park along the north shore I decided to head back to Nova Scotia so I made my way south to the bridge, which is the other, western connection to… Continue reading

Prince Edward Island National Park, Part 2: Brackley-Dalvay

My first order of business when I arrived at the Brackley-Dalvay section of the park was a swim. I was walking the path over the dunes to see if the beach I had… Continue reading

Prince Edward Island National Park, Part 1: Greenwich

Prince Edward Island National Park is comprised of three geographically-distinct sections, of which I visited two; the third is built around the historical house of author Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables,… Continue reading

Prince Edward Island

From Five Islands Provincial Park I cut north across a strip of Nova Scotia to catch the ferry to Prince Edward Island. After setting off counter-clockwise around the island perimeter, I spent the… Continue reading

Five Islands Provincial Park, Nova Scotia. Or, This Trail Smells Like Curry.

Because I had dallied away much of the morning at Five Islands Lighthouse Park, by the time I reached the provincial park the tide was coming in – and rather quickly. I wanted… Continue reading