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The Tropical Waterfalls of Colorado

Rifle Falls State Park features a unique triple waterfall that drops 70 feet to East Rifle Creek. The site is ridiculously scenic and was described as tropical in more than one trail review.… Continue reading

Ahhhhh, Mountains

Evelyn’s birthday was the official bookend to our 4 month trip and so the day after her birthday party we left to head back to Utah. Our first night after leaving Kansas City… Continue reading

Catamount Trail, Green Mountain Falls, Colorado

Tom had hiked the Catamount Trail before and knew I’d enjoy it – plus, we all needed a walk as we were driving east. The trail begins with a very short climb to… Continue reading

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, Colorado

The Florissant Fossil Beds in eastern Colorado are a six thousand acre prairie and forest preserve overlaying multiple deposits of late Eocene-era fossils. Over fifty thousand high quality samples have been uncovered here… Continue reading

Curecanti National Recreation Area, Colorado

The Curecanti Creek Trail was a true delight. When Rachel and I had passed through the Recreation Area in 2013 we stopped at Pioneer Point Overlook where the trail begins so I had… Continue reading

Driving Through Utah and Colorado

On the trip east we chose the scenic route and Tom graciously volunteered to drive during those stretches when I would want to enjoy the view. We made numerous stops at overlooks but… Continue reading

Anasazi Heritage Center and Stanton Englehart Exhibit

Before leaving Colorado I visited the Anasazi Heritage Center in Dolores. The small museum there is excellent, not just displaying artifacts but containing multiple interactive exhibits for both children and adults that really… Continue reading

Mesa Verde National Park, Part 2: Canyon Rim Dwellings and Spruce Tree House

There are over 600 archaeological sites within the park limits and though only a fraction of them are open to the public, I will not recount each of the dozen or so others… Continue reading

Mesa Verde National Park, Part 1: Cliff Palace and Balcony House

Mesa Verde is best known for its cliff dwellings. In fact, these dwellings are what people generally conjure up when discussing the Ancestral Puebloan culture (or the Anasazi as many people still refer… Continue reading

Chimney Rock National Monument, Colorado

Welcome to Archaeology Week! After visiting the Great Sand Dunes, I headed towards something marked in my atlas as “Chimney Rock Archaeological Area,” which is as of this year officially a national monument.… Continue reading