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Beginnings: Celebrating the New Year on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Beginning is difficult, and our procrastination is a fine ever-present measure of our reluctance in taking that first close-in, courageous step to reclaiming our happiness. Perhaps, because taking a new step always leads… Continue reading

Changing My Story: Week 5 at Mesilla Valley Habitat for Humanity

In our last week of building with Mesilla Valley Tom and I mostly worked on more shingling: finishing up Cindy’s house while helping to get paper on Amorette’s roof. The goal had been… Continue reading

Gratitude and Daily Life

But while awareness of opportunities inherent in life events and circumstances is the core of gratefulness, awareness alone is not enough. What good is it to be aware of an opportunity, unless we… Continue reading

Catching Up on Blogging and Picking Up Where I Left Off with the Sierra de las Uvas Mountains and an Exploration near Soledad Canyon

I haven’t blogged in awhile and though I have a desire to catch up, I took a break precisely because my desire to catch up was beginning to feel like a task, a… Continue reading

On Freedom

The topic of freedom is an intensely philosophical one, and one that I hesitate to broach. People significantly more intelligent than I have written much more eloquently on the topic than I could… Continue reading


While my time visiting friends was wonderful, I felt an urge to move on. North, specifically. I felt strongly compelled in the same way I had felt pulled last year to go on… Continue reading

I Used to Dream of Front Loaders

This post is going to start with two disclaimers. The first and most important is that I am hesitating to write this because I don’t want to be misinterpreted and I don’t want… Continue reading


I am happy. Almost all of you who read this blog know me personally and care about me and so I want you to know this since I have not explicitly stated this… Continue reading

Part Two

This trip was always a finite thing. I had estimated (okay, extensively budgeted) that I could travel for just under six months before moving and finding a new job. The biggest reason for… Continue reading

Today is the day!

The bills are on auto pay, the house is clean, and the car is packed.  As most of you know, I’m driving to pick up my friend in Indiana where we’ll do some last minute food shopping and re-packing… Continue reading