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Casque Isles Trail, Aguasabon Falls, and Schreiber Beach

Leaving Neys we continued west, making brief stops along the way to check out rivers, bridges, and a large gorge with a phenomenal waterfall – Aguasabon Falls. We stopped at Schreiber to hike… Continue reading

Neys Provincial Park, Part 2: Under the Volcano Trail

The trailhead for the Under the Volcano Trail begins at the end of the Point Trail, which brings you to the other side of the largest headland at Neys. I was intrigued by… Continue reading

Neys Provincial Park, Part 1: Dune Trail, a Beach Exploration, and More

We stayed at Neys Provincial Park after we left Pukaskwa National Park waiting for visibility to improve before continuing to our next planned hike. We had quickly figured out traveling around the Lake… Continue reading

Pukaskwa National Park, Part 3: Coastal Trail to White River Suspension Bridge

The White River Suspension Bridge is an incredible 30 meter long bridge that spans the 23 meter deep gorge through which the White River pours an astounding amount of water. The whole thing… Continue reading

Pukaskwa National Park, Part 2: Beach Trail and Manito Mikana Trail

After completing the short and inspiring trail around Halfway Lake we crossed an unused camping loop to access the Beach Trail along Lake Superior. Aptly named, the trail traces two driftwood-littered coves and… Continue reading

Pukaskwa National Park, Part 1: Bimose Kinoomagewnan at Halfway Lake

This trail is more commonly referred to by it’s English name – Halfway Lake Trail – but it is also named Bimose Kinoomagewnan, or Walk of Teachings. Created in collaboration with the Pic… Continue reading

Carden Cove, Marathon, Ontario

Carden Cove is a fantastic inlet in which rounded forms of multi-billion year old volcanic rock of the Canadian Shield meet the lake. The eroded organic forms play host to ancient lichens and… Continue reading

Pebble Beach, Marathon, Ontario

Pebble Beach is a 2km stretch of beach loaded with deposits of huge rounded pebbles and driftwood. Smoothed by wave action, the large rocks are piled on the steep shoreline making for difficult… Continue reading

Wawa Waterfalls: High Falls and Silver Falls on the Magpie River

Just outside of Wawa, Ontario are two very pretty waterfalls on the Magpie River located upstream of the hydroelectric plant. Approximately 5 miles apart from each other, these falls are connected by a… Continue reading

Lake Superior Provincial Park, Part 5: Agawa Rocks Pictographs and Sinclair Cove

The Agawa Rocks Pictographs were created by the Ojibwe people over the course of two thousand years though the ones that reman visible are believed to date from four hundred years ago at… Continue reading