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Hiking Baylor Pass with Brenda and Kit

After finishing our first week of building in Las Cruces we set out to do our favorite hike, Baylor Pass. We had been discssing area hikes with our friends and fellow volunteers Brenda… Continue reading

Hiking the Pine Tree Trail Again

Because we had a few extra days in our schedule we chose to arrive in Las Cruces for our Habitat build a day early in order to hike in the beautiful Organ Mountains.… Continue reading

Catching Up on Blogging and Picking Up Where I Left Off with the Sierra de las Uvas Mountains and an Exploration near Soledad Canyon

I haven’t blogged in awhile and though I have a desire to catch up, I took a break precisely because my desire to catch up was beginning to feel like a task, a… Continue reading

Baylor Pass Trail

I didn’t hike Baylor Pass when I was doing Habitat in Las Cruces 2 years ago. That was a mistake. Baylor Pass is a 6 mile long trail over the beautiful Organ Mountains.… Continue reading

A Hike in Soledad Canyon Recreation Area

Our next couple days off from building we decided to explore the Soledad Canyon area ten miles southeast of Las Cruces. Located in the western foothills of the Organ Mountains, this area where… Continue reading

Pine Tree Trail, Aguirre Springs National Recreation Area

Our second weekend off from Habitat we headed to the nearby Aguirre Springs Area on the other side of the Organ Mountains from Las Cruces to hike the Pine Tree Trail. Starting at… Continue reading