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The Third Time Isn’t Always the Charm

I first hiked the Skyline Trail in the Fishlake Mountains in September 2015 and after realizing that 16.6 miles at this elevation with drive time and photo stops was not a one day… Continue reading

The Incredible Ascent of East Pecos Baldy

After hiking Santa Fe Baldy I must admit that my search for the next week’s adventure was based largely on the question of what was the next highest thing I could climb up.… Continue reading

A Second Attempt at the Skyline Trail

The 8.3 mile one way (16.6 mile round trip) Skyline Trail was one I partially did in September 2015. Due to a combination of factors I was unable to do the whole 16… Continue reading

Skyline Trail, Fishlake National Forest. Or, One of the Most Amazing Hikes I’ve Ever Been On.

Prior to departing the morning of my hike I had scoped out a few possible places, but I was unable to ascertain if my car would be able to get to the trailheads… Continue reading

Top Ten Favorite Hikes

My previous post was a list of my all time favorite places but because I find it hard to compare the different experiences, I decided to write a post dedicated to my favorite… Continue reading

Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Part 2: Skyline Trail

I started my second day with a hike on the popular Skyline Trail, taking the right branch of the loop on my way out to the headland. The trail here is alternately meadow… Continue reading

Mount Rainier, Part 2: Paradise

My second day at the park started off as a bright and relatively cloudless day so I headed off to the Skyline Trail, which takes you up Mount Rainier through the meadows and… Continue reading