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Hiking in the Eastern Pine Valley Mountains

For our next hike Tom selected an uncharted section of the Pine Valley Mountains to explore. We had seen a road going out from the Browse exit off I-15 but none of us… Continue reading

Explorations in the Mountains Around Red Creek Reservoir

With so much public land in the area surrounding Cedar City it isn’t difficult to find new places to explore. It is slightly more difficult however to decide which new place to explore.… Continue reading

Meditation in the Mountains: Look Up, Listen.

I went 32 years of my life thinking that the best possible sound was that of the waves crashing against the shore. But I have been corrected: The most incredible, soul-filling sound in… Continue reading

Zion National Park, Part 8: Coalpits and Scoggins Wash

We had driven past the trailhead on SR-9 for Coalpits Wash numerous times but finally got around to hiking th trail a couple weeks ago on a day when the temperatures were a… Continue reading

Santa Clara Petroglyphs

After a morning of chores Tom and I decided to take advantage of the cool, cloudy weather to head down to the desert and see a petroglyph site he’d recently heard of. Located… Continue reading

Snowshoeing at Webster Flat and (Possibly) on the Virgin River Rim Trail. Or, You Wanted to See More Pictures of Aspen Trees, Right?

I chose Webster Flat for my next snowshoeing outing because well, it’s mostly flat, but still has some nice vistas down the Grand Staircase. As I learned on my second snowshoeing excursion, it… Continue reading

An Immediate Return to Second Left Hand Canyon. With a Truck.

As Tom and I explored the lower regions of Second Left Hand Canyon we knew that we needed to enlist our friend Terry and his truck in order to get beyond where we’d… Continue reading

Exploring Second Left Hand Canyon

Second Left Hand Canyon had been on my list of places to explore for quite some time. I had made an effort to drive up the road previously but the water crossing near… Continue reading

Snowshoeing in Cedar Breaks and Around Bear Flat

My second snowshoeing outing came a couple days after my first. Ever since the first time I overlooked the miles of hoodoos in Cedar Breaks I’ve wanted to see them in the snow.… Continue reading

On Fear and Snowshoeing

I have been thinking a lot recently about fear. I have also encountered it a lot. Fear unconsciously drives our lives, causing all of us to make (or significantly, to not make) the… Continue reading