Monthly Archive: October, 2016

Gratitude and Daily Life

But while awareness of opportunities inherent in life events and circumstances is the core of gratefulness, awareness alone is not enough. What good is it to be aware of an opportunity, unless we… Continue reading

Henderson Hill and Noah’s Ark Trails

There are three short hikes in the beautiful First Left Hand Canyon though I had previously only done the Vermillion Castle Trail which is directly across the canyon from the mile-long Noah’s Ark… Continue reading

An Afternoon Drive Along Kolob Terrace Road

About a week after Abby’s injury we decided to take a family drive as it were. Tom and I were still unwilling to leave her alone since she wasn’t walking well and she… Continue reading

Aspen Hunting Again Near Webster Flat

For the first ten days after Abby’s accident Tom and I mostly stayed at home with her together but there were two occasions where one of us went for a hike with Terry… Continue reading

A New Exploration in Spring Creek Canyon

I have hiked Spring Creek Canyon three previous times and had no intention of blogging about it again – until we hiked a whole new section. Traditionally we hike about three miles into… Continue reading

The Search for Aspens Continues on the Lower Blowhard Trail

Following the sightings of yellow aspens during the previous hike on the Upper Blowhard Trail, I was eager to hike the lower section of the Blowhard in search of more. This portion of… Continue reading

Loop from Crystal Springs to Upper Blowhard to Potato Hollow

Though the aspens above 9,000 feet had mostly lost their leaves we were hoping to find some colors on the section of the Upper Blowhard Trail just east of the Crystal Springs Trailhead… Continue reading

Durango Brew Train

Last October when we were hiking Peek-a-Boo and Spooky Canyons we met Sarah an awesome woman who helped us navigate and dog-wrangle through the slots. At some point she mentioned that she had… Continue reading

A Visit From Tom’s Son Nick, Part 2: Yant Flat and Kolob Terrace Road

Nick and I spent the next day continuing the sightseeing tour to the south. We started at one of my favorite places in southwest Utah – Yant Flat. I’m absolutely positive that anyone… Continue reading

A Visit From Tom’s Son Nick, Part 1: Cedar Breaks, Brian Head Peak, Mammoth Creek, Duck Creek, and the Bristlecone Pine Trail

We were so excited when Tom’s son Nick said he’d be coming to visit on his way across the country. While he was here we went sightseeing, hiking (of course), took a lot… Continue reading