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Ruby Mountain Wilderness, Humboldt-Toynbee National Forest

While we were visiting Tom’s niece Katie and her fiancee Will, Tom and I had a day of hiking in the gorgeous Ruby Mountains nearby. I had only heard of the Ruby Mountain… Continue reading

Great Basin National Park

Great Basin National Park protects a unique ecosystem referred to as an Desert Island wherein, due to extreme elevation gain, the environment transforms from high desert all the way to sub-alpine. I had… Continue reading

An Overnight Along the North Shore of Lake Mead and a Return to Valley of Fire State Park

After our hike in Anniversary Narrows we spent the night at Government Point, near the northwest corner of Lake Mead. We had actually found our spot before we left for the hike so… Continue reading

Anniversary Narrows, Muddy Mountains Wilderness, Nevada

The Muddy Mountains Wilderness is home to some pretty spectacular and barren badlands. It also contains more than a few canyons, one of which – Anniversary Narrows – we had the pleasure of… Continue reading

Lovell Canyon Trail in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area, Humboldt-Toynbee National Forest

Heading east from Death Valley, we decided to stop near where Route 160 crests, following signs to Lovell Canyon in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area. We began driving in low desert, but… Continue reading

The Ghost Town of Rhyolite, Nevada

I had read about the ghost town of Rhyolite in a newspaper article and was instantly intrigued. About a half hour’s drive from Route 190 in Death Valley, the old mining town quickly… Continue reading

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Because the government shutdown was ongoing, I decided to head to the California coast, where beaches and warmer temperatures could be enjoyed. Driving through Nevada however, I made a stop at Valley of… Continue reading