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Top Ten Favorite Hikes

My previous post was a list of my all time favorite places but because I find it hard to compare the different experiences, I decided to write a post dedicated to my favorite… Continue reading

(Top Ten) Favorite Places

I’m always asked what my favorite place has been, by both my friends and people I meet on my travels, and I feel a little silly not having an answer. I can usually… Continue reading

Coastal travels: Mid-Coast and Northern Maine

I came across many beautiful sites as I continued my wandering up the coast of Maine. Salt marshes, rocky coasts, conifer forest, deep blue bays, smoothed-rock beaches, and charming waterfronts were around every… Continue reading

West Quoddy Head Lighthouse, Maine

The West Quoddy Lighthouse is the easternmost lighthouse in the U.S. and the peninsula its located on also happens to be the easternmost point in the United States, jutting out into the Quoddy… Continue reading

St. Croix Island International Historical Site, Maine

The St. Croix International Historical Site celebrates one of the earliest colonization attempts by the French in North America. In 1604, a small group of French explorers landed on St. Croix Island, which… Continue reading

Bogs Brook Cove Reserve, Maine

There are a number of excellent reserves along the northern Maine coast as I found out, but as I was eager to keep moving in order to ensure I had enough time in… Continue reading

Roque Bluffs State Park, Maine

I got to Roque Bluffs State Park late in the evening. I had hoped there might be an out of the way place for me to sleep there but that didn’t seem to… Continue reading

A Magical Hike in Great Wass Island Preserve

As I mentioned in my previous post, the hike through the Great Wass Island Preserve was recommended to me by Arnold, owner of Crossroads Farm. And again, it was one of the best… Continue reading

A Zucchini, Two Bulbs of Garlic, and The Best Recommendation Ever

As happens I found myself in need of some fresh vegetables so I followed a sign for Crossroads Farm Stand, which turned out to be located three miles down a dirt road. I… Continue reading

Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park and My Arrival in Blueberry Country

My next stop was Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park. I intended to do some hiking there but the day of my arrival I ended up not particularly feeling like it so, while I… Continue reading